Bulk Pesticide Repackaging Agreement

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Any facility in which a pesticide is manufactured (including repackaged for sale or distribution) must be registered with the USEPA. When you register, you must provide the name and address of your business, the type of property, and the name and address of each place where the reconditioning takes place. The USEPA will then issue you an EPO establishment number (est.-Nr.) that can only be used by this specific facility. (see figure #1) A distributor/contractor who repackages, sells and markets a repackaged pesticide without a written warrant from the manufacturer is considered to be the distribution of an unregant pesticide and would be subject to enforcement action and would stop sales orders. The reconditioning device must have written authorization (a reconditioning agreement) from the registrant (manufacturer) for the reconditioning and use of the manufacturer`s labels. The reconditioning device must keep a copy of the document and make it available to an authorized EPO or a state representative upon request. The reconditioning facility must maintain the agreement for the period during which it is valid and for a period of three years after. When the reconditioning facility is sold or transferred, a new authorization in the company`s new name must be obtained from the registrant (manufacturer). (see figure #3) To repackage and sell pesticides, you need a license to distribute pesticides from the SDDA for each site that markets pesticides, as well as a establishment number from the U.S. Environmental Agency. They must also ensure that mass pesticides are repackaged, unloaded or otherwise treated in an authorized use area.

If you want an example plan for creating your custom plan, click here for commercial applicators or click here for private applicators. LABELING ON BULK STORAGE TANKS AND PRCs The mass storage tank for pesticides must have the most up-to-date product label, that of the registrant (of manufacturers) EPA East. and the contents of the tank on me were filled. Before marketing or selling a pesticide in a portable rechargeable container (PRC), you must ensure that the pesticide`s label is safely affixed to the Cpp so that you can expect it to remain in its condition during foreseeable conditions and time frames. You need the content of the internet and the EPA East. for your installation also displayed on the PRC label. (see figure #4) The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) regulates the stockpiling and reconditioning of cases of mass avian plague throughout the state. Individuals who are deconditioned must meet the following requirements: The reconditioning facility must have a written minutes of the product name EPA Reg.

No, keep batch quantities and identify batches of all newly packaged pesticides. For reconditioning facilities, the EPA Is. is formatted as a five-digit code, reducing the state in which the device is located, and a three-digit location code for the installation. The EPA East. must be placed by a person in the reconditioning device on each rechargeable portable container (PRC). The EPO registration number (REG.