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However, these rules only apply in the event of a breach of the main obligations. [14] This concerns obligations between the parties to an agreement, as is the case between a lender or borrower, independently of third parties. [15] A secondary obligation includes a third party and depends on the default of the primary obligation, for example. B an agreement between a lender and a guarantor. [16] The roadmap for cooperation consists of several phases, from the adoption of the investment decision to the start of the work. The agreement will enter into force upon signature and will be valid until 31 December 2020. MOSCOW, June 10, 2019 (Press release) – June 7 in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum the Segezha Group of Forestry Companies (part of Sistema JSFC) and Chinese Corporation САМС Engineering Co Ltd have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of investment project for the construction of the Biotechnical Complex (BTC) in Lesosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk region, with a capacity of up to 1 million tons of bleached sulphella per year. The signing ceremony was attended by Segezha Group Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Segezha Group Mikhail Shamolin and CAMC President So Lo Yan.

Sistema AFK Executive Partner Ali Uzdenov and Sinomach Chinese Engineering Corporation Chairman Bai Chaotong participated in the ceremony. It is therefore possible to conclude that, according to the Indian courts, the lump sum damages must be reasonable, while the penalties must not be such that they must ultimately be proved. No compensation is awarded if the Tribunal concludes that there is no harm as a result of the offence. The ground for obtaining damages in the event of an infringement is to ensure that the disadvantaged party is in the same situation as if there were no infringement. It is therefore necessary to prevent the courts from getting unjustifiably rich. However, in some circumstances, it is difficult to opt for „adequate compensation“ because it is difficult to assess the actual loss or damage. [7] Ms. Luo welcomed the delegation and introduced CAMCE and its commercial sector, and Ms.

Luo hoped that CAMCE could improve its cooperation with CCIT and facilitate its development in the commercial field. Mr. Qi gave a detailed introduction to THE DEVELOPMENT HISTORY, SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONAL RESTRUCTURING OF CCIC and expressed his willingness to provide a comprehensive quality service to CAMCE. A woman. Luo said: „CAMCE is ready to take full advantage of its own advantages with CCIC to further contribute to the implementation of China`s national strategy of the One Belt and One Road Initiative and the Agricultural Enterprises Going Out policy, as both sides have the same idea and value by sticking to the sense of mission and responsibility for implementing the national strategy. In ONGC vs. Saw Pipes,[8] the Supreme Court ruled that courts must review contractual terms before being compensated. According to Article 73 of the Contracts Act, compensation must be compensated if the fixed compensation conditions are set: a penalty clause allows the defaulting contractor to pay damages in the event of an infringement.

[1] „The right test for a sanction is whether the sum or correction set as a result of an infringement is exorbitant or ruthless if the interest of the innocent person in the performance of the contract is taken into consideration.“ For example, A displays money, and A must repay it within a set period of time, and A does not (primary obligation). The guarantor of A, C, must pay B this money (secondary commitment). Therefore, the penalty clause in respect of C cannot be applicable. In a pioneering 2014 judgment, the UK Supreme Court issued a joint judgment in cavendish Square Holding BV v Talal El Makdessi and ParkingEye Ltd v Beavis[13], and established a test to determine that – for example, A eigentum leased 10 crores to B and declared the rental deed, B cannot use the pond in the property….