Cara Sign Agreement Kereta

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I think there are several banks and non-bank financial institutions that offer 0% advance. This means that you will not be asked to pay a sum of money as an advance for the purchase of a car, but do not be too happy, because 0% in advance also means that you pay more interest because the amount of financing is higher and, most importantly, the full loan also means higher interest rates than normal car credit facilities. 12) If suprimas car you have sold on the market, its value is still there because it is only 4 years old (most used cars cost RM, which is still acceptable if you are 4 years old and below). 3) Indirectly, you made a loan to the bank, for the residual price of the car, after being paid earlier. 8) Now check how many balances remain for car debt after 4 years of solid salary. 21) Adapt to your respective pocket finances. I`ll just give you a picture. Don`t talk too much if you want to succeed. assalamualaikum en.tumpang ask, I msa talk about credit related sales and monthly payments otr rm90k loan pass $ 90k interest 2.23% when leaving LOU Bank, bnk write the price of sales rm87k n balance according to the full document submitted to the bank, loan for 9 years. Time discussions with monthly sales of RM967 but suddenly when nk sign aggrmnt bnk tgok write 2 amount 1.rm106k 2.rm90k mcm tu, 1.rm1001 n 2.rm967 skg sya kna byr rm1001 mcm mn tu?n lg one after bnk pass loan rm90k tetiba sales asked me, RM500 to pay depo.but I`ve been byr lah, just every thing I tapply with him, front of the other back anwer so another.

Please help en.pakar thank you in hope with the knowledge you have to do rzki en.insyallah.