Cd Baby Agreement

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b) Data Protection Statement. In concluding these terms of use, you agree to collect, use and disclose your personal data by CD Baby, in accordance with CD Baby`s DATA policy, which can be found here: You can set the price and discounts of your content as embodied in the physical product, provided that your price, including any discounts, exceeds four dollars ($4.00) per unit of the physical product (the „minimum baby CD“). For more information on discounts, see In addition, the CD-baby contract allows them to sell their exclusive licenses to third parties without sharing them with their customer. (Hopefully he will go to a third party who will pay royalties, because their agreement is a flow through agreement to his clients.) This makes the basic business model of babies CD no different from that of a standard major label, unless there is no progress for the artist, no advertising campaign and no MTV video. (And we thought the chords on the discs couldn`t get any worse. (c) „Consignment Service,“ the service that allows you to market and sell physical products through the website and/or partners of CD Baby (distributors. B, retailers) that once you have delivered your content to the Baby CD as a physical shipping product. b) The author may not transfer or transfer the Writer account, rights, obligations or interest of this Contract to third parties, unless CD Baby has otherwise agreed in writing.

Any assignment, charge or other transfer of Writer`s Interest in a (s) composition (s) remains dependent on the object for the duration and useful life. Any assignment, charge or other transfer that does not comply with this paragraph is null and void. (c) The author has and remains the right, power and power to conclude and fully execute the agreement and to grant the rights granted to it. It is not necessary, without limitation of the above, to obtain the agreement or any other consent of third parties, nor to obtain the granting of rights to CD Baby under this Agreement or the enjoyment of those rights and the revenues of Baby CDs envisaged in this contract. (a) The initial duration of this publication begins with registration for publishing services (either by a special listing for Publishing Services or by a package including Publishing Services) and continues for a period of one year (the „initial period“), unless CD Baby has previously terminated as noted below.