Cps Agreement

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In the union`s most critical questions, leaders favored significant increases in staff and class sizes, but they were not given most of the preparation time they had sought. The provisional agreement provides for a five-year contract that would read the union in two more years than they wanted. The 2013 intergovernmental agreement provided that CPS had to pay up to $13 million for one year to the police and required the police to charge CPS to be paid, indicating the number of hours worked by each official. Now that the teachers` union has voted to adopt the provisional agreement with the town hall, the more than 25,000 members of the union will vote on the contract. The preliminary agreement between chicago public schools and chicago Teachers Union was adopted Wednesday night by elected CAT delegates by well under 362 votes to 242. The agreement is always subject to the agreement of the full members of the union. And CPS has not yet incurred the costs. * Note: The above pay table includes salary increases for Veterans that were definitively agreed and distributed on July 24, 2020. You can always download the initial pay table that was established for the preliminary agreement vote, for example if you want to use it to calculate your veteran cheque.