Disinfecting Service Agreement

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Our services are available to you provided you accept this agreement, conditions and guidance without modification (the „Conditions“). Your use of our services represents your consent to all these conditions. Please read these terms carefully and keep a copy as a reference. The schedule, service changes, etc., are made by the office – please call or send an email to our office (not technology). In the absence of an end to this contract, the service provider may sign a contract with another person or agency in order to fulfill all the services contained in this contract without the client`s prior written consent. Our quality control system is interactive and dependent on feedback and good communication. We will correct or resolve any problems that are familiar to us. Our employees are very proud of their work and want to be informed if you are ever disappointed by a service. A quality control manager randomly checks when technicians are on duty. After each cleaning, you will receive an email for a quick response or to leave comments. Please contact us immediately in case of questions, problems or requests so that we can work to remedy it immediately. We can always optimize, add, delete, modify technicians or services offered, so feel free to ask.

Our goal is to make you happy and shine your home! To determine the appropriate cleaning method, you need to examine the differences between cleaning, disinfection and disinfection. When deciding which surfaces should be cleaned, disinfected or disinfected, it is important to consider surfaces or objects affected by the hands or skin. Soils are generally not considered under the surfaces that are included in the transfer of germs, although this may change in the future, as research is being conducted on the cleanliness of microfiber heads. The service provider provides the above services as required and charges the customer an invoice as such. By contacting phClean („We,“ „We,“ „Unser“ and „Unser“) and asking us to come to your home or property, customers („you,“ „yours,“ „yours“) agree to pay us for our services. Deep cleanings are charged every hour and we do NOT guarantee a package for each thorough cleaning. The service provider agrees that he is not employed by the client and that he is acting as an independent contractor for the duration of this cleaning contract.