Spp Interconnection Agreement

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Miso and SPP say the joint study will focus on solutions that benefit both their liaison customers and the end consumers of RTO member companies. While miso and SPP have a common enterprise agreement that allows them to resolve reliability issues, operators stated that „existing processes do not include simultaneous benefit assessment or cost allocation for both load and liaison customers.“ The FERC command allows SPP to deviate from the generator connection procedures and the 2003 pro forma interconnection agreement defined in the FERC command, in order to create a three-step study process with increasing financial milestones at each stage. The revised procedure provides for certain points in the study process to allow customers to withdraw their login request. The SPP region is located in the Eastern Interconnection, in the central southern United States, and serves all the states of Kansas and Oklahoma as well as parts of New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, Wyoming and Nebraska. PPS members include utility suppliers, municipal systems, production and transportation cooperatives, public authorities, independent electricity producers and electricity distributors. SPP has many high voltage DC connections that connect the east connection to the Western connection and the two DC connections with ERCOT Texas Interconnection. SPP gets the green light for a new process to manage connection delays, delays The SPP Generator Interconnection Queue process offers generational planners and developers the ability to send next-generation interconnection projects into the queue for validation, study, analysis and, ultimately, executing a generator connection agreement. These websites provide rules for the generator`s connection needs to the SPP transmission system to help you meet your generator connection needs. Financial security payments made at the beginning of each phase become all the more vulnerable as a customer moves through the queue. The total financial guarantee paid by a liaison customer, although divided into three payments, would represent about 20% of the customer`s estimated cost.

Existing miso and SPP interconnection processes are ongoing and the transmission study will be conducted in parallel with these.