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Almost all UHT milk is packaged in „brick“ cartons. Tetrapak`s original milk packaging technology is ideal for UHT milk. The gable cartons can be used for UHT milk, but the Tetrapak and PKL, which make brick boxes, have not yet adapted their respective UHT packaging machines for gable plates (3). Elopak, which is primarily a manufacturer of gable cartons, had an acceptable UHT technology only in the distribution contract with Liquipak in an attempt to develop this market. (61) On the basis of the reasons outlined above, the Commission considers that the exclusive provisions, to the extent that they affect the common market, contained in the licence between NRDC and Novus Corp. of 27 August 1981, apply at least from the date of the agreement to transfer this licence to Tetra, until Tetra renounces all applications for exclusivity. Had Tetra not waived all rights to this exclusivity, the Commission would have, in accordance with Article 9 of regulation (ECE) No. 2349/84, withdrawn the benefit of the exemption under this Regulation because the exemption conditions under Article 85, paragraph 3, were not met. (1) It is possible that some of these machines or the cartons they process infringe Tetra`s patents in the EEC. The process by which Tetra and PKL machines „fold“ the cardboard into a top or floor is patented by both Tetra and PKL. This cutting-edge process seems almost identical for both Tetra and PKL – see the agreements between Tetra and PKL of May 17, 1978 and December 16, 1985. Tetra Pak Services has enabled tetra Pak Services to achieve cost savings of 1.3 million euros for a North American beverage manufacturer with high operating costs and complex production. An agreement on the maintenance of Tetra Pak`s facilities maintenance services® with an operating guarantee was used to determine where the efficiency gains were greatest.

The project also included the installation of water return systems for two closed-loop filling materials to reduce water consumption by 80 percent, saving more than 5 million litres of water per year while reducing maintenance time and costs. Your person`s request or any questions should be emailed to the Tetra Pak Global Data Privacy Manager in privacy@tetrapak.com. DECISION OF 26 The Commission of the European Communities, taking into account the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, in view of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, in view of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, in view of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, in view of Regulation 17 of the Council of 6 February 1962, the first regulation for the application of Articles 85 and 86 of the Treaty (1), as it was last amended by the accession act of Spain and Portugal, and in particular Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Treaty, in light of the Commission`s Regulation (EEC) 234 9/84 of 23 July 1984, concerning the application of Article 85, paragraph 3, of the treaty to certain categories of patent licensing agreements (2) , as amended by the accession act of Spain and Portugal – and in particular Article 9, taking into account the requests of 27 September 1983 and 23 and 26 June 1986 submitted by the Elopak Group to the Commission, in accordance with Article 3 of Regulation 17 of the Elopak Group, in order to find that the Tetra Pak Group has breached Articles 85 and 86, the companies concerned have had the opportunity to comment on the objections raised by the Commission under Article 19, paragraph 1, Regulation 17 and Regulation 99/63/EEC of the Commission, 25 July 1963, concerning the consultations under Article 19, paragraphs 1 and 2 of Regulation 17 (3) of the Council. , after consultation with the Advisory Committee on Agreements and Dominance, considering: A.