Transmission Use Of System Agreement

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The utilization agreement is a contract between an electricity grid (z.B. Aurora Energy) and an electricity distributor that sets the conditions for the retailer to use the local electricity grid to provide electricity to its customers. The agreements cover the structure of rates, service levels and dispute resolution. For more information on signing up for THE SEM, please visit the SEM registration page. SONI Transmission Use of System Charging Statement 2020/21 The Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) provides a single centralized document on the connection and use of electricity distribution networks. It contains the pricing methods for connecting and using electricity distribution networks. Here you will find the voluntary disclosure of voluntary information from Aurora Energy on the system`s use agreements with electricity distributors, as recommended by the electricity authority. Article 2.4.12 of the Electricity Distribution Information Disclosure Determination 2012 obliges Aurora Energy to make public the mandatory terms and conditions (as defined in paragraph 1.4.3) of non-standard contracts. Aurora Energy has two such contracts. Even before a supplier or generator can participate in the internal electricity market (SEM), TUoSA must be signed by both the TSO and the supplier/generator. All licensed electricity distributors and suppliers must become part of the DCUSA. Currently, 75% of transfer fees are recovered from suppliers under Schedule A royalties of this Regulation. The remaining 25% of the transfer tax is recovered by generators via the generator`s export tax.

The use of the transmission system (TUoS) consists of three parts: If you would like to discuss whether you should participate in this code and, if so, how to become one, please contact DCUSA. Aurora Energy has adopted the agreements on the use of electricity authority systems, published in September 2012, with a minimum number of exemptions, as shown below: the use of system charges should allow the recovery of the nie transmission tax fee authorized by the utility regulator. The transfer return entitle is calculated as a percentage of nie Networks` right to transfer and distribution, which includes costs such as return on investment, amortization of assets and operating expenses. You will find previous years in the publishing centre. Suppliers and generators wishing to use the transmission system must enter into a transmission use agreement (TUoSA) with SONI, which defines the obligations of both parties prior to the use of the transmission system. The annual royalty reporting (see documents section) describes the charges levied for the use of all-Iceland transport networks for production and supply in Northern Ireland and also sets other system charges for Centrally shipped generators in Northern Ireland.