What To Do If Child Custody Agreement Is Broken

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It`s actually sometimes the other way around, unfortunately… Unfortunately for all of us and the children…. All good parents need to realize that the problem is bad judges and bad lawyers. They do not take care of the children. I am aware of a situation where their ex is a total loser, he doesn`t care what the kids want, they sit quietly while they come to see him, he does weird sexual things in front of them, they tell him they didn`t want to go and see him, but he tells them he doesn`t care what they want, he refuses to take the teenagers to their games/exercises or other activities while they`re „in his day“. It will not take them to doctors if they are sick (strep and worse). He`s a loser without counting on the kids… But the judge knows every piece of it and because of her connection to a male coalition (Judge az Mead), she ignored everything and decided for the father. The kids/mom are heartbreaking, but Dad, who was insulting and controlling during the relationship, is happy and still trying to control mom and kids. Mead gave him the power to be untouchable. He has already told Mom that he will „take the children on a trip,“ that he could not after the court order.

He did tell the children that „they could call the police, but the police won`t help them, they won`t hurt them.“ It is quite unstable, a ton of evidence was presented to Mead, but in horror, she ignored her and decided against the children/mom who forced her to visit him. It`s unreal. He`s a danger to the kids. So trust me dads, these dishes are against good mothers. And the funny thing is that it`s supposed to be „about the kids,“ but they seem to be the last ones to worry about the court. In any case, Mead, because she actually said that the wishes of the children should not be taken into account, she said that in her courtroom. All good parents must stick together, whether male or female. And don`t forget that the Lousys are ruining for us (not maternally), and these judges/courts can`t find out. I can`t believe some people who hear it that they all go through this stuff. I`m going through the same thing myself.

I`m the mother. I know this is Dad`s divorce site, but I`m not like the mothers you`re dealing with. I`ve been in plain clothes with my ex since I left him for the last time I hit. He tried to keep our daughter to myself, despite a joint court order. I missed Halloween last night and so many other days because he refuses to give me my daughter. he filed another charge of harassment against me to try to get full custody more easily (my daughter has never been harassed, especially in my custody), he has been harassing me for two years. I just want to see my daughter without a problem and live a happy life without her. I`m trying to do some research on what I can do.